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Water and prayer... Meditation with our bottle will change the vibratioal energy of our planet, one bottle at a time.
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 Positively Different Water

hydrate in a positive way

My Positive Water 

While learning about Dr. Emoto's work with water, we were told to "stop drinking out of plastic bottles, and to write  positive words on a glass water bottle."

Created by my daughter

 with love for Reno

During Reno's illness, we wanted to stay positive.

When I couldn't find a glass water bottle with positive words on it,

I asked my beautiful daughter to design one.

She immediately drew a globe with

the most powerful words

I know of on it.

She wrote the Fruits of the Spirit, we added health and gratitude to help Reno. 

When Katie created our Logo

I knew it had the power to change

the world.

 My Positive Water was born. 

hydrate in a positive way

Glass water bottles

The original

My Positive Water bottle.

Our bottles are...

  • Glass

  • Reusable

  • Wide mouth opening

  • Screw off lid

  • Flip top lid

  • Silicone cover

  • Inspirational

  • Beautiful

  • 22 oz.

  • Dishwasher safe

Glass is the optimal way to drink water.

BPA FREE Plastic water bottles

 We started off with a beautiful glass water bottle. After many requests I surrendered, and created a plastic water bottle.

 Our bottles are ...


  • PET plastic

  • Wide mouth opening

  • Flip top spout

  • Easy grip handle

  • Durable 32 oz.

  • Made in USA 

You can customize the back of our bottles for

  • A fundraiser with a purpose

  • Family reunion

  • Church event 

  • And much more

why our logo is so powerful

Our Logo has the most powerful words I know of, the

Fruits of the Spirit.

Galatians 5:22 - 23. 

Health and Gratitude were added for Reno.

When Katie drew the Globe, that was the real game changer.

I love the way she thinks!

Our Logo helps manifest the spiritual,

physical and mental ideal of "Oneness".

All I wanted was a water bottle for Reno.

Katie created a Logo that was about the world. 

rice experiment

These rice experiments are 6 months old.

The one on the left is brown rice, and the right is white rice.

The reason I do the

rice experiments is the rice absorbs the water so you can SEE the difference our Logo makes.


flower experiments

Do you see the difference in the flowers?

Do you see the difference in the water?


Dr. Emoto believed that with positive words the molecular structure of water changed. 

I am not a scientist, and I did not set out to have a water bottle company.

 I am learning as our company grows.

After many experiments,

 I realized that the water must be changing because the flowers are absorbing it and staying fresh longer and there is less water in the containers with our Logo on it.

the water is different


One day after doing a flower experiment I noticed the WATER was different as well as the flowers.

I have always been so preoccupied with the flower that I never paid attention to the water.

After doing another flower experiment,

 I took the flowers out of the bottles and poured the water into glass glasses.

I could clearly see the one with our Logo on it was clear and odorless, the other one with no logo was smelly, yellow and had debris floating on top. 

reusable food preservative stickers

After seeing how the WATER was different, I  thought if it works like this on flowers, rice and water why not on our food.


The difference is our LOGO!

peel, stick, wash  

Simply peel, stick and hand wash.

I have found that when I store my food in glass containers, I use glass mason jars, my food last so much longer!

Our stickers will ...

  • Save you time, less trips to the store.

  • Allow you to eat positively infused foods.

  • Less food going into the landfill

  • Save you tons of money!

Glass is the optimal way to store food.

help the planet

save tons of

money and time

we throw away 40% of our food  


Until I started this company I never thought about the damage we do when we throw away food, and we throw away TONS! From seed to table we waste valuable resources.

  • Water

  • Fuel to transport the food.

  • Chemicals sprayed on crops. 

  • The energy from the farmers worrying about the crops productivity.

  • Packaging going into the landfills.


Create your own My Positive water


I purchased a glass 2.5 gallon container from Walmart and put one of our stickers on it.

I simply refill my reusable water bottles with MPW and off I go.

Saving hundreds of dollars

an precious time.

 more than a water bottle

Water is the source of life.

Our logo effortlessly sends

 positive energy to our world and

your water.

What started off as a pure intent to help Reno threw his end stage cancer, has turned into a passion to help heal our planet.

We all drink water.

Customize our bottles for a positively, PURPOSEFUL

fundraiser, or gift at your next event.


Best BPA free water bottle ever. Flip top lid, easy grab and go handle, straw, wide mouth opening for easy hand wash cleaning.  Cheryl Myers
Purposeful Fundraiser

Your choices will make a difference!

  • Landfill

  • Recycle

  • Reuse

Recycling uses precious valuable resources.



POSITIVE WORDS positive results

our story

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Our goal is to truly make a positive difference on our planet.

Invite us to your organization to share the Power of Positivity!

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We are a Global company!

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My Positive Water donates to Star of Hope homeless shelter. Learn more at the About Us page

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